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About Us

Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen (CRH) is an Australian company with a focus on originating renewable hydrogen production opportunities at home and abroad.

CRH is a lean and agile public company. It coordinates the development of projects with support from expert consultants in engineering, modelling, technology, environmental impact, grant funding, legal and financial services, and project partners.

With pipeline projects located in different parts of the world, CRH’s preference is to engage local experts and consultants on referral and on a project-by-project basis to optimise the injection of investment in a local economy. We also believe that local knowledge is far superior to discovered knowledge.

CRH builds projects on selected pillars which, when delivered, attract project partners to support investment from the perspectives of project development, capex funding, active participation, and offtakes.

Hydrogen Renewable Energy for the World

Our History

With a background in the renewable energy sector spanning three decades, in the 2010s CRH’s co-founder, Geoffrey Drucker originated the company’s first large-scale solar project in Victoria. At that time, the business was known as Countrywide Renewable Energy (CRE) with a broader focus in the renewable space.

Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy

A paper released by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel, identified the opportunity renewable hydrogen offers to the nation particularly to export energy to the burgeoning north Asian markets of Japan and Korea. With state and Federal Government support for the establishment of renewable hydrogen industries, CRE focused on Tasmania as a location for a project because of the state’s abundance of hydroelectricity and wind power, deep water port options, favourable energy prices and an agile government willing to collaborate on a project.



With a pipeline of project opportunities in Australia and offshore, the company undertook to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and to that end established Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Limited. Each project under the CRH banner is held within its own special purpose vehicle (SPV).

CRH will continue to collaborate with Governments, partners, suppliers and OEMs to develop opportunities for renewable hydrogen to significantly reduce emissions in road transport, natural gas supply, power generation and industrial applications such as steel production. Securing offtakes is a key focus for all projects and with the world progressing hydrogen as the fuel of the future, CRH is well placed to make a major contribution as a green hydrogen producer and supplier with projects that have a long-term life.

Burnie, Tasmania

The company advocates the future for renewable hydrogen is significant believing the transition from diesel and other carbon fuels will accelerate as the production and supply of the gas becomes more prolific and cost-effective.

Our Team

  • Susan Oliver AM,
    Non-executive Chair
  • Geoffrey Drucker,
    Managing Director
  • Stephen Nossal,
    Finance and Projects Director
  • Inge Drucker,
    Operations Director
  • Melanie Leydin,
    Company Secretary & CFO


CRH Tasmania

CRH Tasmania

The proposed project is a renewable hydrogen project located in Burnie near its Port in northwest Tasmania, Australia. The proposal involves a 10 MW pilot project producing 4.5 tonnes per day of hydrogen for domestic use, targeting the transportation sector and blending green hydrogen into the Tasmanian gas network operated by TasGas.

CRH is working closely with Renewables Tasmania and the Tasmanian Government to showcase Tasmania globally as a hydrogen state.  Being a compact island state with an abundance of renewable energy and more coming on stream, Tasmania can eventually become self-sufficient across all its energy needs.


Melbourne Hydrogen Hub

Melbourne Hydrogen Hub

Melbourne Hydrogen Hub (MHH) has its genesis in a request from the Bus Association of Victoria for CRH to supply renewable hydrogen for up to 40 transit buses to be introduced onto Melbourne’s roads progressively from the end of 2023. That number is now 90 buses with more expected to adopt the emission-free transition.

The project is proposed for a greenfield site in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, a road transport corridor.. Being located close to the Melbourne Market Authority, a state-owned wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower market there is the potential to transition its 1,100 LPG-powered forklifts to emission-free hydrogen fuel cell operation.

The Hub will comprise renewable hydrogen production, vehicle refuelling, service and maintenance, injection into the natural gas network, and a fuel cell bus fabrication plant that will supply buses to the participating companies.



CRH Portland

CRH Portland

CRH is also developing a renewable hydrogen project at Portland in Victoria’s southwest.  Stage 1 of the project will be a 10MW electrolyser supplying hydrogen to the local mobility and gas markets.  The second stage will expand the project to at least 250MW to supply hydrogen or hydrogen derivatives to the export markets of Japan and Korea where there is strong interest in collaboration from their respective trading companies.

Portland was selected as a project site because of its strong electrical infrastructure that was established to support Alcoa’s aluminium smelter, the Port of Portland’s infrastructure and the scale of wind projects in the area now and in the future.


The Way We Do Business

The Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Way was developed to ensure that all its stakeholders know and understand the values and principles that underpin the way the company conducts its business activities and interacts.

Hydro The Way We Do Business

Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen (CRH) promotes open, honest and direct communication, consultative decision-making and the energetic pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its operations and activities.

The following values are central to the Countrywide Renewable Hydrogen Way and everyone directly associated with the business will commit to strive to ensure that these values are delivered.

  • Key decisions will involve consultation and discussion with those who should and could provide input
  • The truth will be paramount
  • There will be no surprises
  • Communication will be open, honest and direct
  • We listen to understand, absorb and remember
  • Collectively and individually, a high level of integrity and professionalism will be demonstrated
  • All will strive to grow and develop the business and its reputation
  • Results oriented, CRH will focus on defining, measuring and evaluating performance
  • For CRH to perform and deliver outcomes, activities undertaken will focus on those outcomes being achieved
  • Internal and external relationships will be fostered to be mutually beneficial and based on equality, respect, trust and a commitment to individual development, wellbeing and profit
  • Behaviour and performance that reflects the pursuit of quality and continual improvement will be encouraged and rewarded
  • Experience will be the basis for continued learning and instruction
  • CRH will demonstrate the best qualities of true partner relationships

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